Por IFPI | 2 ago 2022

Cooperation agreement secured between IFPI and the copyright office in Paraguay. On May 4th 2022, IFPI’s Latin American Office signed a cooperation agreement with DINAPI (Paraguay’s National Directorate of Intellectual Property). The agreement strengthens the process to combat online piracy in Paraguay, particularly in cases where music content and video clips are shared without the authorisation of the rightsholders. Going forward, IFPI will work closely with DINAPI to identify local cases of IP violation and provide training in the continuing fight against piracy in the country.

IFPI Latin America hosts industry enforcement workshop in Miami. On May 18th and 19th 2022, IFPI’s Latin American office hosted a workshop with government representatives from Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Panama, and Paraguay to discuss measures being taken against piracy in the region, including website blocking and other intermediary actions. The event was held in Miami and included presentations from external speakers from TikTok and Meta who spoke of the important role music plays for online services.

IFPI holds regional meeting in Medellín, Colombia. From June 7-9th 2022, IFPI, its national groups and affiliated organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean met in person for the first time since the pandemic began. Senior executives from organisations and record companies from across the region, along with international representatives, met to discuss the global, regional, and national priorities for the industry. Over 100 attendees shared views about the challenges that the business faces, new developments in legal policy and the different ways the market in the region continues to grow.

Peruvian IP Authority issues largest official blocking order against piracy sites in Latin America. On June 2nd 2022, INDECOPI, the Peruvian Intellectual Property Authority issued the largest ex-officio administrative blocking order in Latin America against 147 infringing sites, including 63 dedicated music sites. In its 900-page preliminary decision, INDECOPI found sufficient evidence that these sites were violating copyrights and neighbouring rights of Peruvian and international right holders to order all Internet Service Providers in the country to implement DNS and IP level blocking measures to prevent further violations. INDECOPI continues to play a leading role in the ongoing protection of IP rights in Peru.

IFPI and Pro-Música support large-scale enforcement actions in Brazil, shutting down over 400 infringing music apps. Between June 21st and 22nd 2022, IFPI and Brazilian National Group, Pro-Música Brasil, supported Brazilian law enforcement authorities with a series of coordinated actions to tackle infringing services on the internet. It was part of the fourth wave of Operation 404, the largest initiative of its kind, and the operation led to the removal of over 400 infringing music apps which collectively have generated more than 10 million downloads. These actions involved cooperation between the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, cybercrime police units from 11 states in Brazil, Homeland Security Investigations (US) and the Police IP Crime Unit, City of London Police (UK).

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